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The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!
Part one
Alyssa was planning to get the last traitor and deal with her swiftly. She didn't want to fly to Eastern Europe as herself, so a flight wasn't going to make her flight. Alyssa watched several flight attendants walk in and out of the airport. She saw a blond her size walk out and got into her car. The blond flight attendant pulled out and headed home. Alyssa pulled out and followed the woman. It took about an hour to get to the flight attendants house. Alyssa had her bag of tricks with her and went to work.

Alyssa went up to the door and knocked. The blond woman came and answered the door, a big mistake. Alyssa pushed her way inside with gun in hand. "Just shut up and do as you're told!" Alyssa said. "What do you want from me?" the blond woman asks. "I said shut and move up stairs!" Alyssa demanded. "Ok, ok I'm moving. Just don't hurt me." The woman replied. Both went up stairs and into the bedroom, Alyssa turned on the lights. "Close the curtains and no tricks." Alyssa demanded. The woman did as she was told. "Ok now what?" the woman asks. "Now strip completely nude and no talking!" Alyssa demanded. "You can't have my uniform." The woman said. "Oh yes I can, now take it off and hurry it up. I have no patients for this bull sh*t!" Alyssa said in an angry voice.

"Ok ok I'm doing it. You don't have to do this you know." the woman replied as she slipped off her blue pumps and unbutton her jacket. "This is nothing personnel. You're just going to miss your flight tomorrow. Now keep on taking it all off!" Alyssa demanded. "I guess you want my bra and panties as well?" the woman said as she took off her blue jacket and started to unbutton her light blue satin blouse. "The less you know the better." Alyssa said as she watched the flight attendant continue to strip. "I guess you are acting out a scene of revenge against someone?" ask the flight attendant as she slipped off her satin blouse. She then unzipped her blue skirt and pulled it down. "I told you to be quiet and strip. Now do as you're told and shut up and strip completely nude." Replied Alyssa as she watches the skirt get taken off by her victim. "Ok, ok I'll be quiet and do as you say." replied the flight attendant as she slipped off the light blue satin slip. "Now for the rest and hurry it." Alyssa said as she watches the pretty blond unfasten the front closure of the bra. "You won't get away with this. You don't even look like me." The flight attendant said as she took off the bra. "Yes I will and I'll enjoy wearing everything." Alyssa said licking her lips as she watch the flight attendant unfasten the thigh high nylons from the light blue satin garter belt.

"What do you plan on doing to me?" ask the flight attendant as she slid off the right thigh high and then the left. "Never mind that and hurry it up take off the rest!" Alyssa said as she watches the woman take off the garter belt. "OK here comes the panties." replied the flight attendant as she slid off the light blue satin panties. "Now what do you want me to do?" ask the flight attendant. Alyssa pulled up a metal frame chair. "Sit down and put your arms through the slots, then put your hands palm to palm." Alyssa directed the nude woman. The flight attendant did as she was told to do. Alyssa took out some rope and tied the woman's hands extremely tight. The woman wrench in pain from the rope being applied. "Hey be quiet and suck it up!" Alyssa told the woman as she grabbed another piece of rope then tied the woman's right ankle.

"Please not so tight, that hurts." The woman replied as her left ankle was tied as tight as her wrists and right ankle. "Now for that gag to keep your little whinny ass quiet." Alyssa said as she pulled out a used pair of panties. "What do you plan on doing with those?" ask the nervous woman as she watches the intruder walk towards her. "Just open up." Alyssa said as she started put the panties into the woman's mouth. "Nnnnnnoooooo!!!" came from the woman as she clenches her teeth together. Alyssa pinched the woman's nose and held the panties against the woman's mouth. "I said open bit*h!" Alyssa demanded as the woman fought as best as she could. Finally she had no choice but to take a breath and the panties went in pushing the tongue back. Alyssa applied a cleave gag and then duct tape to secure the panties in place. "There now, that should keep you all nice and quiet!" Alyssa said with a wicked smile on her face. Alyssa quickly finished up applying more rope and made it next to impossible to escape. Alyssa went into the bathroom, dyed her hair blond and prepared her equipment for a mask. The tied up flight attendant watched as the imposter now removed the finished mask and applied it. Within moments Alyssa transformed herself into the blond she had force to strip nude and plan onto impersonating her. The flight attendant couldn't believe her eyes that the intruder looked exactly like her. Alyssa quickly got dressed into the flight attendant's uniform and sexy Lingerie. She took out a syringe out, filled it up then ejected the flight attendant with a powerful sedative putting out the woman. Alyssa tossed 20 thousand dollars on the bed and headed out towards the airport for her flight.

Alyssa caught the flight and landed in Romania. She tracked down the last of the traders. She was enjoying herself and was not aware what was coming next. The trader was shopping to her hearts delight. Alyssa followed the woman home with the target not even noticing who was following her. It was night time and the bitc* was enjoying a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. Alyssa snuck in and slowly opened the door very quietly. Alyssa approached from the back; the radio was playing so the trader didn't even hear Alyssa coming. "Hey you little traitorous cun*. I bet you didn't think that nobody would catch up to you here." Alyssa said with a wicked smile and gun with a silencer pointing at the surprised woman. "What the hell how did you find me?" the traitor asks. "It's time to pay the piper bitc*! I waited for this for months and I'm not going back without knowing that your bitc* ass is dead." Alyssa as she fired her gun three times and the traitor slid under the bloody water. Two shots in the right and left chest and one shot in the head. Completed her mission, Alyssa set fire to the place and walked out. She took a shower, relaxed a little bit before getting ready to fly back.

End of part one

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!
Part two
Alyssa was now satisfied that she had gotten rid of all traitors. She took along hot shower and then got ready to fly back. She would need a new flight attendant uniform. She would go to the airport and pick one up. She packed and headed out. She arrived at the airport and picked out a nice looking blond, same height, size and weight. Alyssa followed her into the restricted room, Alyssa quickly surveyed the scene. She decided to walk behind the flight attendant followed her into a dressing room / lounge. Alyssa notices that she and the flight attendant are the only women in the room.

Alyssa went into action as she followed the flight attendant into the dressing room and struck quickly. The flight attendant asks the strange woman "What are you doing back here, its restricted area." Alyssa gave the flight attendant a swift punch to the gut and then a chop to the neck. The flight attendant was out cold. Alyssa didn't even reply. Alyssa dragged the knocked out woman into a change room and quickly strips her nude. She duct taped the woman and used a panty gag. She stashes the tied up flight attendant in a closet and locked it.

Alyssa quickly dresses in the flight attendant uniform and heads off to her flight. After landing in the United States, Alyssa wanted to rent a car and drive home, but decided to take another route instead. She bumped into a female army sergeant then started up with some small talk.  The woman offered the flight attendant a ride to a hotel. Little did she know this was going to be a very bad move, but first she needed to stop at her apartment? Alyssa agreed and started to form a plan.

The woman arrived at the army woman's apartment. "I need to use the bathroom. I'll be right back" said the army woman. "Ok, I'll wait right here." Alyssa replied. She waited until the army woman was coming back. Alyssa smiled and just like the flight attendant, she punched the army woman in the stomach, then grabbed a candle holder and hit the army woman on the head. The woman was knocked out cold. "Sorry honey but I rather cross country in a military uniform." Alyssa said as she grabbed the army woman under the arm pits and started to drag the unconscious woman to the bedroom.

Just like Lacie Caldwell she didn't use any chloroform or knock out gas. This was good old fashion lady power with a blunt object. She got the army woman into the bedroom and started to strip her. Alyssa removed the patient leather pumps then unbuttons the jacket. She then removed the neck tie and unbuttoned the cuffs and blouse. She sat the woman up then removed the jacket and blouse. Underneath was a pearl satin slip with matching bra. Alyssa pulled down the slip and unfastens the bra and removed it. She rolled the woman on her left side unfasten the outer clasp then unzipped the skirt. Alyssa removed the skirt and slip putting them on the uniform pile. The woman wore sheer top pantyhose and matching pearl satin string bikini panties. Alyssa removed the pantyhose carefully and then removed the panties. She could feel the moist heat rise up from the woman's virgina, this made Alyssa excited.

Alyssa grabbed some rope and duct tape from the woman's garage before coming in and now it was time to use it. She rolled the woman over on her stomach and then tied the woman's wrists extremely tight. She then tied the elbows the same manner. She moved down to the woman's ankles and knees, after rolling her on her back tying them extremely tight as well. This cut off circulation in the woman's arms and legs. Alyssa pulled out a pair of panties she wore 4 days ago, wadded them up and stuffed them into the woman's mouth. Alyssa secured the panties in place with a cleave gag made from a nylon black slip. Finally she put 6 pieces of duct tape over the panties to really hold them in place and muffle any sounds. Finally Alyssa wrapped rope around the upper torso, above and below the breast, then around the stomach area securing the arms to the body. Now it was time to get a shower and get dress in her army uniform.

Alyssa came out of the bathroom and went to the makeup table. She sat in the nude putting up her hair, then put on her makeup and perfume. Alyssa walked over to the bed and picked up the bra and put it on. After adjusting it, she picked up the panties and stepped into them. Alyssa pulled them into place liking the feel of them against her ass. She then picked up the sheer top pantyhose and slipped them on adjusting them as she pulled them up. She then picked up the pearl satin full slip and put it on letting it fall over her body. This gave her a tingling sensation all over her body. She picked up the skirt and stepped into it. Pulling it up and tucking in the slip as she went. Zipped up the zipper then fasten the outer clasp. Alyssa then picked up the blouse slipped it on then button up the buttons and the cuffs. Next was the neck tie then she slipped on the patient leather pumps with a 3 inch heel. Alyssa was dressed and now it was time to pack the extra uniforms, dresses, blouses, skirts and Lingerie.

The army woman was coming around finally as Alyssa was finishing the packing. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" came from the woman as looked at the flight attendant now wearing her army uniform. "Well are we finally awake? I'm all done packing except one thing and that's you. I'm not a real flight attendant just a woman that likes taking another woman's uniform and everything else that she's wearing underneath it." Alyssa said standing in a dominant stance. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" (F*** you b**** let me go!) Replied the tied up army woman. "Now, now let's not get all upset, because you have a long trip ahead of you. Besides I'm going enjoy wearing your uniform and Lingerie while driving. So I hope you have a nice little nap." Alyssa said as she brought down the candle stick holder again on the army woman's head, knocking her out cold. Alyssa opened up a large suit case and stuffed the woman inside. She dragged the suit case down to the garage and put it in the trunk then she put other bags around it.

Alyssa went back inside wiped down everything grabbed the candle holder put it in her purse. She put on the dress cover picked up the keys and the purse and went to the garage. She wiped down everything as she went not leaving any prints behind. She opened the garage door started the engine then backed out closed the garage door and headed towards Nevada. Alyssa made a few stops along the way picking up some stuff to make some homemade chloroform. She knocked out the woman with this until she made it home. Alyssa was glad and happy to be home knowing that she took care of the traitors. She was also sad that she knew that Stacey wasn't going to be there.

Alyssa pulled into her drive way and opened her garage. She closed the door, shut off the engine and opened the trunk. She grabbed a few bags and went in to her surprise was a voice saying "About time you get that sexy ass of yours home!" to her surprise it was Stacey sitting in a wheel chair smiling back. Alyssa was so happy that she ran over to Stacey and gave her a huge hot passionate kiss. She was excited to see her that she almost forgot to get her latest conquest out of the trunk. Alyssa pulled the suit case out and took the woman down stairs and into a holding cell. She then went back up stairs to reacquaint with Stacey.

End of part two

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!
Part three
Alyssa was so happy to see Stacey, even though she was in a wheel chair and getting rehabilitation to be strong enough to get back to work. Alyssa made some dinner for the both of them. Once they got done eating Alyssa helped Stacey with her rehabilitation and then gave her a nice bath. They retired to the bedroom and got reacquainted for the next several hours. After a nice sleep Alyssa and Stacey went down stairs to the holding cell to check on the Army woman. Alyssa put back on the Army uniform and dressed Stacey in a nice Nighty. The captured Army woman had come too; she let out an angry "MMMMPPPPHHHH!" (F***en B****!) At the woman who knocked her out and was wearing her uniform. Alyssa still wearing the Sergeant's uniform was gloating as she stood in front of the Army woman in a dominant stance. "Well honey how was your trip along with your little naps?" Alyssa asks with a smirk on her face.

"MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!" (F*** you B****! take off my uniform.) Came the reply from the tied up woman. "Thanks for your uniform and sexy Lingerie. I really enjoy wearing them. Looks like you're not going any wear so enjoy your stay. Let's make you a bit more comfy." Alyssa said as remove a chloroform soaked rag. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!" (F*** you B****! get away from me.) replied the woman as she tried to stay away from her captor. Alyssa put the rag over the woman's face and within moments the chloroform took effect. Even though she fought against the chloroform but it was to no avail. Once the woman was out cold Alyssa started to untie her to get her into some leather cuffs and straps. Stacey was getting excited watching Alyssa go to work on this little f***en c***. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and her p**** was wetter than a rain forest.

Alyssa and Stacey both licked their lips as they knew the unconscious woman was being retied with leather cuffs. Alyssa took the woman's wrists, inserted them into the cuffs and buckled them shut. She did the same with the elbows then moved down to the knees and ankles. She took the woman's ankles and placed them inside and buckled them shut. Alyssa did the same to the knees then worked the gag. She removed the tape but the panties in place. Alyssa took a ball gag inserted it and buckled it in place. She then took a leather hood and placed it over the woman's head then fasten the straps. Alyssa then took straps and wrapped it around the upper and lower torso. She did the same for the legs then put the woman into a cage and locked it.

Alyssa and Stacey went back up stairs to watch some home made movies of the women that they have dominated. A call came in from the handler and she was on her way to give Alyssa a new mission. Alyssa couldn't wait to see what it was and within 15 minutes the woman arrived. She was happy to see Alyssa and that Stacey was feeling better. Alyssa was still wearing the uniform she took by force and took the package. Her target was a Air force major 30 years old Lidia Smith Intelligence, blond hair, blue eyes, 35c-24-34 figure, drinks,  smoker, no children and no family since she was abandoned as a child. She buys Avon and loves to shop for dresses and sexy Lingerie, she was also a lesbian so this would make her an easier target to dominate and assume her identity.

Stacey would be in a van giving Alyssa support and this would give Alyssa a bigger advantage. Alyssa would snag another woman in uniform for Stacey and let her have her way with her. Alyssa and Stacey would go over the files and videos provided to get better acquainted with her target. The handler would get a retrieval team to pick up Alyssa's latest conquest. The woman thanks Alyssa for getting rid of the traitors and handed her $2 million dollars for her work. She and Stacey were also paid for the mission that was compromised. Alyssa's next mission would start in a week and so Alyssa and Stacey started on learning more about the Air force major and getting everything ready. Within an hour a team came by and took away the Army woman. They watched the videos and read the file as they went along. Alyssa observed how the woman walked, talked and how the uniform moved on her body. When she sat down, stood up, walked and bent over in different positions. What clubs she visited and what women she slept with and took home. How long the women stayed or not or if she had sex with them at all. After a week after getting to get to know her target Alyssa was ready and Stacey had improved so she didn't need the wheel chair anymore. They loaded up the van and headed off towards Cheyenne Mt AFB. Her mission would be get information on any new technology on the tracking systems on aircraft.
End of part three

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!
Part four

Alyssa and Stacey Drove towards their targets house, they got to the safe house and unloaded the equipment. Alyssa reviewed the files on her target and Stacey got the equipment ready. Afterwards Alyssa helped Stacey with her physical therapy. This took a few hours and Alyssa and Stacey took a shower then went to bed. Alyssa told Stacey not to push herself and to take it slow getting back into the game. Stacey agreed with her and assured her that she would take it easy. Stacey just had one request: A uniform for her to wear home. Alyssa agreed and said it was no problem.

Both woman got up early, ate and headed towards the Air Force major's house. They used the GPS to find it. Alyssa parked across from the house to get ready. Stacey had the cameras ready to go, Alyssa put a video camera and they started filming. Alyssa would do pictures as well. About 0630 the major walked outside to pick up her morning news paper. She was dressed in her uniform and when she scooped down to pick it up; Alyssa noticed how the uniform moved on the woman's body. She licked her lips and continued to film her target. Alyssa couldn't wait to wear it herself. Stacey was taking allot of pictures that would help. They waited for the Major to leave, and then Alyssa got out of the van when the close was clear and headed towards the door. There was no alarm system on the door and Alyssa picked the lock with ease. She took out a sensor that picked up signals from any video camera inside the house. Alyssa noticed that none where inside and she proceeded to set up her video equipment and Stacey would do a check on them to make sure that the cameras worked. Stacey also was looking out just in case the major or anybody else came to the house.

Once the video cameras where set and recording they would go to get something to eat. They enjoyed a good lunch and headed back to the major's house. They parked in a parking lot across from the house that was used for extra parking. When the major pulled up and opened her garage door, Stacey recorded the frequency and inputted it into another one. Now Alyssa would have an easier way to get in and knock this bitc* out and take her place. Stacey's nip**** where getting hard and her pus** was getting wet just thinking about it. Alyssa was getting the same feeling. They stayed there for another 30 minutes and left.

They headed back to the safe house. With the cameras on and working good, Stacey watched the major undress as Alyssa drove back. "She has allot of sexy Lingerie and satin panties." Stacey said as the major opened the drawer. "Good I can't wait until I go through it. Once I take her place I can look for one for you. Do you want a sergeant or Lieutenant?" Alyssa asks with a smile. "I'll take a Lieutenant, with whipped cream and strawberries." came the reply from Stacey smiling back. "UUUMMM, whipped cream and strawberries sounds good to me." Alyssa said pulling into the safe house garage. She closed the door and they got out. Taking the lap tops into the kitchen and turned them back on. The videos were being downloaded onto the laptops even though they were shut off.    

Stacey made dinner and they watched the major as she went about her daily life. Alyssa cleaned up after dinner, and then she and Stacey continued to observe the major. Finally the major got ready for bed wearing a purple satin Nighty with a matching robe. Alyssa and Stacey slept in the nude making some hot passionate love. They got up early to watch the major get dress and to observe her morning routine. Alyssa watched the major how she picked out her panties, bra, slip and pantyhose she would wear for the day. This also gave her an idea of how often she wore the same uniform two or three days. Alyssa then reviewed the data after the major left. When the major returned home Alyssa watched her target undress and relax until she got ready for bed.

The next morning Alyssa and Stacey got up early to wait for the major to leave and then they followed her to the base. They got almost to the gate and acted that they were lost and turned around. Now they had enough information to go ahead for Alyssa to take the major's place. Alyssa and Stacey observed the woman for the next couple of days and would strike on a Friday. The Avon lady was coming with some knock out lipstick to show the major.
End of part four

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part five

It was finally Friday morning Alyssa and Stacey got up got dressed, ate then waited for the major to awake to start her day. The major woke up took a shower and made her bed. The coffee was ready and the major came down stairs only in her purple matching robe. She made up a cup of coffee and headed back up stairs. She sat down her coffee then disrobed and then went to the panty drawer to pick out a pair of satin string bikini panties. The pair she picked out has the print of the American flag on them. The major then picked out a matching satin bra with a front closure. She then went another drawer and picked out a matching garter belt then a pair of neutral thigh high nylons.

She took them over to the bed sat them down on the red satin comforter then picked up the satin bra and put it on. She fastens the front closure and adjusted the straps for a better fit. She then picked up the satin panties and stepped into them pulling them up. She grabbed the garter belt put it around her waist and fastens the hooks. She moved it around into position and picked up the right thigh. The major rolled it up and put it over her right foot gently pulling it up gently then she fastens the clasps the thigh high. She then rolled up the left one then slipped it over her left foot. She gently pulled it up and then fastens the clasps to it. She walked over to a huge walk in closet and then picked out a white satin slip and put it on letting the slip fall over her body then adjusting the straps for a better fit.

The Major picked out a fresh uniform and would drop the 4 used ones at the dry cleaners. She came back out and laid it on the bed. She went to the makeup table and applied her makeup and perfume. The major went back over to the bed and removed the jacket, the blouse and the skirt from the hanger. She picked up the skirt, unzipped the zipper and stepped into it. She pulled it up tucking in the satin slip as she went. She zipped up the zipper and fastens the outer clasp. The major then picked up the long sleeve blouse and slipped it on. She button up the buttons and then button up the cuff buttons. She picked up the neck tie and put it around her neck then fastens the Velcro. The major adjusts her collar then went over to the floor mirror and stepped into the black shinny patient leather dress shoes with a 3 inch heel on them. The major went back over to the bed picked up the jacket and slipped it on. She buttoned it up, checked herself out in the floor mirror and then went down stairs.

The major picked up the dress cover, keys, purse, and a cup of coffee and then headed out to the garage. She opened up the garage door started her car and then pulled out. She closed the garage door and headed towards the base. Alyssa licked her lips as she was getting excited as what she soon would be wearing. "I envy you. Look what you'll soon be wearing." Stacey said with a smile and licking her own lips. "I know. I can't wait either. When I get into the base and after I get what we need, I'll get you a nice hot Lieutenant to toy with." Alyssa replied as she stuffed equipment into a bag to use against the major. Stacey was getting the van ready to go and picked out a nice ball gag out then handed it to Alyssa. "Thanks, this will be a nice fit into her mouth along with your panties Stacey." Alyssa said taking the ball gag from Stacey. "Well thank you. It's going to be an honor to stuff my panties in the major's mouth." Stacey said as she was now getting excited.

"You'll act as my new Avon trainee and that way we'll both be inside when we knock her ass out." Alyssa said with a wicked smile. "Thanks, I have a really nice dress picked out to wear, a royal blue satin dress." Stacey said putting in the final stuff needed into another bag. Well, let's get to loading up the van and then getting dressed." Alyssa said picking up 2 of the bags and heading towards the garage. "Sounds very good to me." Stacey replied as she picked up 2 more bags and followed Alyssa. They packed the van and then went back inside to get ready. Alyssa and Stacey took showers, ate lunch and got dressed. They put on their makeup and perfume then Alyssa put on a navy blue satin blouse with a grey skirt. Alyssa wore no panties or bra underneath. She put on a pair of neutral control pantyhose then slipped on a pair of grey pumps. Stacey rolled up a pair of white nylon string bikini panties and stuffed them up her virgina. She then put on a pair of neutral control top pantyhose. Stacey put on her royal blue satin dress. Zipped up the zipper then put on a pair of matching pumps. Alyssa and Stacey picked up their purses, keys and the Avon bag of tricks and headed to the garage.

Alyssa started up the van and opened the garage door. She backed out closed the garage door and headed towards the major's house. The major was getting off early today since it was a Friday. The major was just getting home when Alyssa and Stacey was pulling up. The van had a Avon sign on each side, they pulled over a few miles from the major's house to put them on. The major saw the van with the signs on them and wave to them. Alyssa stopped and waved back. "Hey why don't you pull in and come inside." The major said as she opened the right side of the garage. "Hi, sure do you want me to pull into the garage?" Alyssa replied with a smile. "Sure go ahead. I know you have stuff that can melt in a hot vehicle." The major replied with a smile on her face.

Alyssa pulled in and shut off the engine then she and Stacey got out. "Hi, my name is Alexia and this is my trainee Samantha." Alyssa said shaking the major's hand. "Well hi, my name is Lidia. I'm a major in the Air Force. Please come inside." The major replied as she showed the 2 women inside. "Thank you very much. We have lots of new products, especially lipstick and perfume." Alyssa replied as she and Stacey went inside. "Good then I guess I'll just wait to change out of my uniform then." said the major as she led the 2 women into the living room and sat them down. "I think you look good in uniform and we have lipstick that won't standout to bad." Alyssa said reaching into her bag and pulling out a rag and solution to wipe off the major's lips. She handed them both the major. "Thank you I really love what you two are wearing." The major replied as she sprayed the solution onto the rag and wiped off the lipstick on her lips.

Alyssa pulled out several trays of lipstick and set them down on the coffee table. "Here are some samples we have, but I would like for you to try this one first." Alyssa said handing it to the major. "Thank you." the reply from major as she took it and headed to the wall mirror. Alyssa looked at Stacey and both acted like they were reaching into their bags to get some more samples. Each put their hands on their gas mask as the major opened the lipstick. S soon as the major opened the lipstick a thick white smoke shot out and into the face and lungs of the major. Alyssa and Stacey quickly put on their MPU2 gas masks and watched the gas take effect on the major. The major began choking and gagging, fell to her knees and then collapsed on the floor. Within a few minutes the major was knocked out cold and lying on the floor.

Alyssa and Stacey had huge smiles on their faces while they waited for the gas subsided. Alyssa found the control for the air conditioner and turned it on. Both women waited for 15 minutes before removing their gas masks. "Well just look at the sleeping beauty." Stacey said as her and Alyssa stood over the unconscious major. "You go get the cage ready while I take miss sleepy head here up stairs to strip her nude." Alyssa told Stacey. "Roger that. I can't wait to stuff my pus** juice soaked panties into her mouth." Stacey replied as headed to the garage. Alyssa picked the major's upper torso and dragged her to the steps and then up stairs. Alyssa took a quick break when Stacey came in and helped Alyssa get the major into the bedroom. Stacey went back down stairs to get the cage and brought it upstairs to get it ready for the bitc* being stripped nude.

As Stacey was getting the holding cage ready and pulling out the bondage items, Alyssa knelt down beside the major then removed the dress shoes. She then moved to the jacket and unbuttoned it. She then removed the neck tie and unbuttoned the blouse and cuffs. Alyssa rolled the major on her side then unfastens the outer clasp and then unzipped the skirt's zipper. She rolled the major on her back then sat her up and took off the jacket and the blouse. Alyssa pulled down the satin slip's straps and unfastens the front closure of the satin bra and removed it. She pulled up the satin slip and took it off the major. Alyssa let the major's upper torso fall back onto the carpet floor as the major's head bounced off the floor a couple of times. She then pulled down the major's skirt then took it off. Alyssa unfastens the garter belt clasps holding up the thigh high nylons then pulled the hooks to the front. She unfastens the hooks and removed the garter belt. Alyssa carefully removed the thigh high nylons then pulled down the satin panties and she felt the warm moist heat rise from the major's virgina.

Alyssa rolled the major on her stomach and got a pair of leather cuffs from Stacey. She took the major's wrists and cuffed them together. Alyssa took another pair and cuffed the elbows together as well. She rolled the major on her back, got another pair of leather cuffs and cuffed the ankles. Alyssa then moved up the knees then cuffed them. "It's time to gag this bitc*. Make me proud girl." Alyssa said with a smile on her face. "Sure thing, it's time to drop my panties into your pretty mouth. Well sweet ti** it's time for the panty gag." Stacey said as she took off her pumps and unzipped her satin dress. Stacey let the satin dress fall down to the floor and then pulled down the pantyhose. She removed them then squatted over the major's face. She then opened the major's mouth, pulled out the panties and inserted them into the major's mouth. Straddling the major's face, Stacey pushed them into the major's mouth, then took the ball gag and inserted it. She went to the side, sat the major up and fastened the ball gag into place. "Nice job honey." Alyssa said to Stacey just before she kissed her. "Thanks! I'm going to look through her little black book." Stacey said as she strutted over to the desk.

Alyssa took straps and sat the major up then wraps straps around the upper torso above and below the breasts, then around the waist to hold the arms to the torso. She then applied a neck collar then connected a chain with a lock. Alyssa the pushed the major's torso down to connect the chain to the leather knee cuffs. She then got up opened the cage then dragged the major over and put her in. With the major now secured, Alyssa and Stacey started to go through the major's stuff.

End of part five

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part six

Alyssa looked over everything from the little black book to bank account information. Stacey found a combination to a safe, which see opened. Inside were money, jewelry, pass port and keys to a safety deposit box. "I'm going to take a shower and get into my newly acquired uniform. Keep looking around to see what else she might have hidden." Alyssa said as she got up to take a shower. "Ok, I'll keep looking around." Stacey replied as she headed towards the attic. As Alyssa took her shower, Stacey opened up the attic. Inside were bondage equipment cuffs, ball gags, leather straps, hood and a holding cage. Stacey couldn't believe her eyes and went in further. There were two coffins like boxes just on the other side of the bondage equipment. They were small enough to fit under the bed, had air holes, pad locks and leather straps to keep them secure.

Alyssa was done with her shower and headed towards the bed and called out to Stacey to see where she was. "I'm up here in the attic babe; you have come up here to see what I've found." Stacey replied with a since of happiness in her voice. "What did you find?" Alyssa asks as she went up the attic ladder. "Our Major is a bondage freak, along with probably being a mistress." Stacey said pointing towards the equipment and boxes. "Well looks like the major has a bondage fetish. Go down and get our guns, just in case there's a surprise inside." Alyssa said with a smile on her face. "Gotcha, I'll be right back." Stacey replied. Alyssa was surprised to see the boxes there. Stacey came back up with two guns and handed one to Alyssa. "Well let's see what is in box number one." Alyssa said as she knelt down to undo the straps and pry open the box. As she lifted the lid she saw a white sheet. Wrapped inside were skeletal remains of what to be a female. About the same size as the major if she would be alive.

"Holy shi*, there is a body inside. I wonder if our major could be a serial killer or did she forget about her slave up here?" Alyssa asks Stacey heading over towards box number two. She knelt down, opened the straps and pry opened the lock. Inside was a blond woman barely alive. "Make an emergency call. We have a live one here."  Alyssa said to Stacey just as she was removing the ball gag. "Call complete, they're on their way." Stacey replied as she looked down at the blond woman looking pale and weak. "I wonder who she is. What is your name miss?" Alyssa asks the woman. "I'm Captain Shannon Watson U S Army. The major is an imposter. The real major is in the other box." the weak woman said. "Well I hate to tell you this but the major is dead and now just a skeleton." Alyssa told the army captain. "Another woman impersonated me as well. She comes over every few days. She'll be here tonight." The army captain told Alyssa.

By this time a team had come to pick up the army captain and get more information on the imposter they were taking. "I have to get ready to for this bit** and I guess you'll be taking her place. Well have to find out what they were up to and what where they after." Alyssa said as she headed down to get dressed. "Well I'll be ready for this bit** as well. "I can't wait to wear another woman's uniform again. It's going to feel so good too."  Stacey said with a big smile on her face. "I'm sure it will be. Let's go over how we are going to knockout this bit** out and get her secured. The team will be standing by to assist us." Alyssa said just getting done with her hair and makeup, then went over to the bed picking up the light blue satin bra. "Maybe they tortured her until she expired. Two rookies with no experience." Replied Stacey as she watched Alyssa fastens the front closure. "You could be right about that or maybe a couple of women just wanting to wear another woman's uniform and lingerie or they're on the run needing some new identities." Alyssa said picking up the light blue satin string bikini panties and stepping into them. "Who ever they are, they are going to get a little prize. The so called major should be singing like a yellow canary." Stacey said as she watched Alyssa pick up the light blue satin garter belt and put it on. Alyssa fastens the hooks and swung it around.

"Now how are we going to knock out the imposter?" Alyssa asks Stacey as she slipped on the right thigh high, fastening it into place. "Well I could sneak up on her from behind and inject her with a knockout drug or shoot her with a dart." Stacey replied watching Alyssa slip on the left thigh high. "That sounds good, where do you want to get her?" Alyssa asks as she picked up the light blue satin slip and putting it over her head. "How about in here. Just lure her up here and I'll hit her with the dart. She'll be out in seconds and won't even know what hit her." Stacey said with a smile as she watched Alyssa step into the dark blue skirt and tucking in the light blue satin slip. Alyssa zipped up the zipper then picked up the light blue blouse and slipping it on. "That sounds good, go ahead and get ready." Alyssa said buttoning up the blouse. She then slipped on the patient leather dress shoes. Alyssa was now ready and tucked in her gun into her waist band just in case.

After a few hours the army imposter came to the door. Alyssa went to the door and answered it. "Hey how was your day?" Alyssa asks the imposter in the major's voice. "I almost got caught today. Good thing this army captain really don't have many friends." The imposter replied coming in. "What happened?" the major asks. "Little did I know that she has a cousin that is very close to her and I almost blew it? Just as I found an identity that I really like being. I'm not going back to prison and I know you feel the same way." The imposter replies as she heads towards the couch.  "Me neither. Let's go up to the bed room and tell me more about this cousin." The major replied as the captain led the way. Alyssa walked behind the imposter and watched the imposter open the door. Alyssa stood in a certain way so the imposter was in the line of fire. The army imposter stood getting ready to tell more about the cousin when Stacey slowly opened the walk-in closet door, pointed the dart gun and pulled the trigger.

The dart hit its mark and within seconds the army imposter hit the carpeted floor with a thud. Alyssa smiled as she knew that the imposter would be out cold for a few hours.

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part seven

"Nice shot, she'll be out for a few hours. So I'll let you get down to business." Alyssa said with a big smile on her face. "Thanks, I can't wait wear her uniform and Lingerie." Stacey replied with a smile back as she looked down at her prey. She started to strip the army imposter by removing the dress shoes and then the neck tie. Stacey then unbuttoned the green jacket and then the buttons on the light green blouse. She sat the imposter up with Alyssa's help. Stacey removed the green jacket and light green blouse exposing a white satin slip and a matching satin bra. Stacey and Alyssa let the imposter's head bounce off the carpet floor. She rolled the imposter on her left side, unfastens the outer clasp, and then unzips the zipper on the green skirt. Stacey slides down the green skirt and off the imposter. She then pulls up the white satin slip and pulls it off the imposter. She then unfastens the front closure of the satin bra and removes it. Stacey then pulled down and removed the white satin string bikini panties. Finally the thigh high skin tone nylons were slid down slowly and carefully from each leg.

The army captain imposter was now stripped completely nude. Alyssa dragged the imposter into the bedroom to tie her up while Stacey got the equipment ready to make her mask. Alyssa rolled the imposter over on her stomach, taking her wrists putting them behind her back and locking them into a pair of leather cuffs. She took another strap and fastens the imposter's elbows. Alyssa rolled the imposter on her back and took a pair of leather cuffs and secured the ankles. Next she moved up to the knees, securing them in another pair. She took a ball gag and stuffed it into the imposter's mouth, securing it in place. She sat the imposter up and took three straps and secured the upper torso and wrists to the lower torso. Alyssa then rolled the imposter over on her stomach and put her into a hogtie. She then went back into the spare bedroom to see how Stacey was doing. Stacey loaded up a picture of the imposter. Within minutes the mask was completed and thanks to advancements, the mask would be able to be reapplied. It also had a voice modulator in it. Alyssa came in and how everything was going? Stacey said everything was fine and was now ready to get dressed.

Stacey took a quick shower, freshens up and came out to do her hair and makeup. After she was done, Stacey went over to the bed to get dressed. She picked up the white satin bra and slipped it. She fastens the front closure, adjusted the straps for a better fit and then picked up the white satin string panties. Stacey adjusted them, then picked up the thigh high nylons and slipped them on. She adjusted them, then picked up the white satin slip and put it on. Stacey adjusted the straps for a better fit. Picking up the skirt, Stacey licked her lips and stepped into the green skirt, tucking the satin slip as she pulled up the skirt. Next came the light green blouse. Stacey slipped it on and buttoned up the buttons. She grabbed the neck tie and put it on. Stacey slipped on the dress shoes and checked herself out in the floor mirror. Alyssa was checking her out in the mirror. "Wow, you look great and hot to trot in uniform babe." Alyssa said with a smile on her face. "Thanks honey, so do you." Stacey replied in kind.

"Well let's see about this army captain. See who she is and what is her job at the base?" Alyssa said leading the way to the master bedroom. "Sure why not. Can't wait to see the looks on this bit**'s face." Stacey replied as she followed Alyssa down. Stacey felt really great and could feel the confidence inside of her coming out again. "Well, looks like our little bit** is finally awake. Are you ready to sing like a yellow canary?" Alyssa asks standing over the imposter with her hands on her hips. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" replied the imposter as she saw the two women standing over her. "Hey bit**, how do I look in uniform?" Stacey asks the imposter turning around in front of her. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" the imposter replied angrily. "So are you ready to talk or not? The choice is yours, talk or get tortured?" Alyssa said with a wicked smile on her face. The imposter nodded "yes" and Alyssa removed the ball gag. "What is your name?" Alyssa asks. "Susan Wells, I escaped prison a few months ago along with Rebecca Torres the other woman that you taken place of." Susan replied. "What was your job at the base?" Stacey asks. "I was an Intelligence officer along with the major." Susan replied. "What are the pass codes and words for the security systems and computers as well?" Alyssa asks. Susan gave up the pass codes and computer pass words as well as for the captain's house, bank account and the safe inside the house. "Thanks honey you've been real helpful. Don't worry you'll be real useful somewhere else. She'll make one hell of a sex slave!" Stacey remarked as she finished up writing everything down. "Wait you can't do this to me!" Susan yelled. "Well it's a sex slave or jail bit**, make a choice." Alyssa asks in a demanding voice. "I rather be in jail before being a sex slave whore!" Susan replied.

With a swift right cross across the imposter's face gave a clear message of who was in charge. "Time to gag your sex slave as*, Open your fu**en mouth slu*." Alyssa demanded as she stuffed the ball gag back in and secured it in place. Stacey meanwhile was making a call to the pickup team. Within 30 minutes, the team came and picked up Susan and she was on her way to become a sex slave. The handler came in and talked to Alyssa and Stacey about the new information that was provided and what they might not know. Instead of just getting the information and leaving. Alyssa and Stacey would take extra time to learn a little more about the women that was involved. The imposters were escapees and needed new identities. They were amateurs and just could have not known what they had done. The authorities could have been tipped off by the amateurs and could be waiting. It was decided to go ahead to get the information and go, just in case the authorities had gotten wise.

End of part seven  

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part eight

Alyssa and Stacey reviewed all of the information along with their handler. They were working on the plan when a phone call came in notified both women that a security breach was detected and that someone from the base would be enroute to her and the captain's house. The handler decided to call off the mission, Alyssa and Stacey packed up all the equipment, uniforms, clothes and lingerie and decided to leave. A team would was cleaning out the captain's house as well at the same time. By the time the authorities arrived the agency teams were gone as well as Alyssa and Stacey. The authorities were ready to arrest the fake major and captain, but they nowhere to be found. So an all outs bulletin was issued for the two women. Alyssa and Stacey took turns switching back to their normal identities heading back towards Nevada.

Everyone would rendezvous at Alyssa's house and figure out what was the next move. All would agree the two amateurs did mess up a perfect plan and all agreed not to let this set them back. Instead they would get a new plan and look at two new women to impersonate. The search began immediately and 2 new targets were identified. A 29 year old Air Force Major, single with no children and no family. She was five foot seven inches tall, blond hair, green eyes and one heck of figure to go with her looks, 35-24-34 to be exact; this would be Alyssa's target. Another woman Air Force Captain 24 years old, five foot one and a half inches tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, 34-24-34 smoking hot body to go along with her looks. She was single, no children and kept to herself, except going over to the major's house now and then. Alyssa and Stacey would wait for the heat to cool down, and then proceed on their mission. In the mean time, both would go through the wardrobes that they got from the failed mission. Alyssa and Stacey watched everyone leave then they had some private time together that lasted all night.

Stacey woke up put on a satin robe and went down stairs to make breakfast. Alyssa could smell the food cooking and woke up herself. She put on a satin short robe and went down stairs. Stacey was putting the food on the table when Alyssa came into the dining room. "Thanks for making breakfast babe." Alyssa said with a smile. "Not a problem honey." Stacey replied. They sat down and ate breakfast, drank coffee and talked. "I want to thank you for getting the traitors and taking revenge." Stacey said to Alyssa. "You are very much welcome. Those mothe* fuc**rs deserved everything that they got." Alyssa replied back."Well I guess we better see what is going on with our targets." Stacey said picking up the dishes and heading to the kitchen. "I' right behind you babe. I wonder if this mission is going to go smooth or not?" Alyssa said following Stacey into the kitchen. "I think after this one we take some time off and have a nice vacation somewhere." Stacey replied putting the dishes into the dishwasher. "That sounds very good to me but let's get through this mission first ok." Alyssa replied as she kissed Stacey. She grabbed Stacey's hand and they went down stairs.

The agency decided to put a surveillance teams on both women to make sure that no other women came in and replaced them. The two teams watched the women and sent information and video to Alyssa. The teams were able to get access to the women's houses and install surveillance equipment. Now Alyssa and Stacey could watch live video feed of their targets and gain allot of Intel on them even before leaving. Everything was going good and the authorities were looking for the 2 imposters somewhere else. So it was time to get ready to go ahead with the mission. After the next week of surveillance everything looked good and Alyssa and Stacey left for Cheyenne Mt AFB. This time everything would go right with no problems.

Alyssa and Stacey loaded up the van and now there would be a support team if help or emergency exit was needed. It would take 12 hours to get there, Alyssa and Stacey would take turns driving. While Alyssa drove Stacey looked over the information and Alyssa did the same. They finally arrived at a new safe house and unpacked everything. They got settled in and went over the Intel one more time before tomorrow. It would be Friday and a good day to make their move. Alyssa and Stacey would use knock out gas in Avon items to take care of the major and the captain. After everything was ready to go and their satin dresses picked out, they spent the night in hot passionate sex. Alyssa and Stacey woke up got some breakfast got dressed and headed towards the Majors house. They waited for the major to arrive home and at 1 pm the Major arrived home. The plan was simple act like Avon ladies try if possible lure the Captain over and take care of her as well.

End of part eight

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part nine

Alyssa and Stacey waited a few moments before pulling up into the driveway. They got out and went to the front door. Alyssa knocked and the Major answered the door. "Hi, can I help you?" the Major asks. "Yes we are selling Avon products and wanted to know if you would like to sample some?" Alyssa asks the Major. "Why not, I just love Avon, please come in." the Major replied. "Thank you very much. Do you have any friends that might be interested as well?" Alyssa asks. "Yes, I sure do. Just let me give her a call. She works with me on the base." The Major replied as she picked up the phone. "Ok, we'll just set up while we wait for her." Alyssa told the Major as she and Stacey set up. Thanks to the advance team they could hear everything the Major said and if she notified the base security, Alyssa and Stacey would get an alert on their cell phones.

The Major called the Captain and the Captain said she would be right over. The Major came right back into the living room of the one level ranch style home with a two car garage, big bedrooms with huge walk in closets and sliding mirrors for doors on each. It took 30 minutes for the Captain to arrive. Everybody was introduced to each other and Alyssa handed a lipstick sample to each of the women and the women went over to a wall mirror. As they opened them up Alyssa and Stacey pulled out and put on their gas mask. A thick white smoke shot out and both women inhaled it and started to choke and gag on it. Within minutes the smoke filled the room, the Major and the Captain hit the floor out cold.  Alyssa and Stacey waited for the gas to clear out and then took off their gas mask. Alyssa and Stacey then helped each other carry both military women into the master bedroom and started to strip them nude.

Alyssa and Stacey removed their satin dresses and stuffed their panties into their virgina then knelt down and removed the military women's dress shoes then removed the neck ties and then unbuttoned the buttons on the light blue blouses. They sat the women up removed the blouses and pulled down the light blue satin slips. Alyssa and Stacey unfasten the front closures of the matching satin light blue bras pulling them off. Next they let the military women's heads bounce off the carpet and then rolled both women on their left sides to unfasten the outer clasp. Then they unzipped the side zippers of the blue c/t skirts then pulled the skirts down along with the light blue satin slips. Next Alyssa and Stacey unfasten the thigh high skin tone nylons from the light blue satin garter belts. They slid each nylon down carefully from each leg then unfasten the hooks and removed the garter belts. Last came the light blue satin string bikini panties. Alyssa and Stacey slid them down and off and they could feel the warm moist heat rise up from the women's virgina then they took a whiff of the panties. They enjoyed it and rolled the women over on their stomachs.

Stacey quickly retrieved the black bags and sat them down. Alyssa and Stacey took the women's wrists and put them into the leather cuffs. They locked the cuffs and did the elbows the same way. Alyssa and Stacey rolled the military women over on their backs, cuffed the ankles and ankles together then took leather straps and wrapped them around the upper and lower torso securing the arms to the body, next came the gags. They opened the women's mouths and pulled out their pus** juice soaked panties and stuffed them into the military women's mouths. Then Alyssa and Stacey took ball gags stuffed them in and fasten the straps keeping the panties in place. Next the 2 dominant women put the 2 military women into hogties and into holding cages. Now came the hot shower after they put away the Avon items.

Alyssa and Stacey took a hot shower together and did up their hair, applied the masks that they already had made and did their makeup. Now Alyssa and Stacey could dress into their newly acquired sexy Lingerie and uniforms. They picked up the light blue satin bras, slipped them on and fasten the front closure. Each woman adjusted the straps for a better fit. Next came the satin light blue string bikini panties. They felt real good on their skin as they slid them up and into place. Now came the light blue satin garter belts then they slipped on the skin tone silky smooth thigh high nylons. Alyssa and Stacey put these on carefully and then fasten the clasps on the thigh highs. As they picked up the light blue satin slips the 2 military women woke up and came too. Alyssa and Stacey ignored them and slipped on the satin slips letting them fall over their upper torsos. The 2 military couldn't believe their eyes as they watched 2 imposters get dress in their Lingerie and uniforms. They tried to make sounds but the knockout gas numbed their vocal cords. All they could do is watch in horror as 2 unknown women got dress to impersonate them. Alyssa and Stacey stepped into the blue skirts tucking in the satin slips as they pulled them up. They zipped up the zippers then fasten the outer clasps and then picked up the light blue blouses. Alyssa and Stacey slipped them on then buttoned up the buttons and then put on the neck ties. Finally they stepped into the patient leather dress shoes with their shinny high gloss finish on them. Alyssa and Stacey checked themselves out in the large mirrors and both approved their appearances.

End part nine

The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!

Part ten

Alyssa looked down at the two tied up military women. "Well I see you're finally awake. How do our panties taste ladies?" Alyssa asks with a smile on her face. "I think they must taste pretty good, looks like they are enjoying them." Stacey added with sarcasms in her voice. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" came from both tied up women. "Don't you worry, both of you will make good sex slaves. They'll fetch a great price as well." Alyssa said as she stood in front of her captured prey. "No doubt a really nice prices especially this little cutie pie." Stacey remarked standing in a dominant stance. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" replied the tied up military women. "Well it's time to make the phone call then get ready to go shopping on their credit cards. Go pull in the suv into the garage. Wait let's take the suv over to the safe house and we'll take the Major's car." Alyssa said dialing the backup crew. "Sounds good to me but I'll put these two to sleep first." Stacey replied as she took out 2 syringes fill with a knock out sedative in them. "MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH, MMMPPPHHH!!!" came from the 2 frighten tied up women as they watched one of the imposters come over to the cages. Stacey injected the Major first and it took effect immediately then she injected the Captain and the sedative took effect immediately as well.

With both women out cold and the pick up team on the way, Alyssa and Stacey put on their blue jackets, dress covers picked up their purses and keys then headed towards the mall to do some shopping after they dropped off the suv at the safe house. The pick up team arrived 2 minutes after they left and took the two military women. Alyssa and Stacey enjoyed themselves shopping in uniform and maxed out the Major's and the Captain's credit cards. They headed back to the Major's house to go through their shopping bags.

Once Alyssa and Stacey arrived back at the major's house and sat their bags down on the bed. "Well let's start looking shall we." Alyssa said with a smile. "I hear that girl" Stacey replied. After looking through their newly bought stuff, Alyssa and Stacey went over the information one more time. Alyssa made a phone call to the pick up team and they would be there in 30 minutes. Stacey checked up on the 2 tied up women. She pulled out 2 more syringes and injected both women with more sedative. The pick up team arrived and Stacey left for the captain's house to get ready for the mission. Alyssa enjoyed going through the major's wardrobe, just as Stacey enjoyed going through the captain's wardrobe.

Alyssa got up early, got something to eat, took a shower and got dressed. She called Stacey to see if she was up and getting ready. Stacey assured her that she was ready to go. Once she checked herself out and was positive that she would pass as the major, she left for the base. Stacey was doing the same. She got up got something to eat, took a shower and got dressed. Just like Alyssa she checked herself out to make sure she could pass for the captain. When she was satisfied, Stacey left for the base. She arrived at the captain's office and knew that Alyssa would arrive shortly. Alyssa arrived at the major's office a minute after Stacey. Stacey came down and greeted Alyssa as the captain would every morning. "Good morning maam." The captain said. "Good morning captain. What do we have on our agenda this morning?" the major ask. "We have to review some classified information and files." The captain replied. "Ok, well let's get started." The major said.  "Sounds good to me, here is the first of many files today and this week." The captain replied handing a flash drive to the major. Alyssa slipped in another flash drive to copy the files. After about eight hours they had 25% of the top secret information needed. They went and put everything back as not to arise suspicion.

Over the next four days they did the same thing, copying all the required information. When they were done they headed towards the rendezvous and got into another vehicle to drive back to Nevada. The pick up team clean out the house and took the cars. Alyssa and Stacey drove back in uniform, but changed once they got to the hotel. They decided to go on the prowl and found to women in naval uniforms having a drink in the lounge. This was an opportunity that they couldn't pass up. Alyssa and Stacey started some small talk with the 2 navy women and bought them a drink. All 4 women drank until 1 am then headed back to the naval women's hotel room. Alyssa and Stacey just sipped their drinks and poured them out as well. So Alyssa and Stacey wasn't that affected by the alcohol.

It wasn't long before they pulled out the chloroform and the rags. Alyssa and Stacey pounced on the 2 unsuspected navy women. Neither navy woman put up much of a fight and sitcom to the chloroform quickly. "Well it's time to get these 2 stripped nude." Alyssa said as they removed the dress shoes and unbuttons the short sleeve blouses. They pulled the arms out from the blouses, and then removed them. Alyssa and Stacey then removed the white belts with brass buckles. Setting them aside next came the skirts. They unfastens the outer clasp, then unzipped the zippers. Alyssa and Stacey slid down the skirts, setting them aside. They quickly pulled down the white satin slips, setting them aside then pulled down the non control top pantyhose each woman wore. Finally the white satin bras and panties came off. Alyssa and Stacey tied and gagged the navy women putting each into a tight hogtie. They empty out 2 large suit cases and put each woman in one. Alyssa and Stacey quickly took off their clothes and put on the navy women's lingerie and uniforms. Alyssa would check out the navy women in the morning and Stacey them two. Each drove a car with a navy woman in the trunk of each car. These two women would fetch a nice price along with the other 4 women. The information they got each got them $5 million each along with a million dollars for the 6 women. Not a bad for a couple of weeks work, but it was worth it to Alyssa knowing that she was working with Stacey again. They went through the wardrobes and added to their collections of uniforms and sexy lingerie.

End of part ten
The Female Military Imposter: One Down and One to Go, A new Mission!
Part one
Alyssa was planning to get the last traitor and deal with her swiftly. She didnít want to fly to Eastern Europe as herself, so a flight wasnít going to make her flight. Alyssa watched several flight attendants walk in and out of the airport. She saw a blond her size walk out and got into her car. The blond flight attendant pulled out and headed home. Alyssa pulled out and followed the woman. It took about an hour to get to the flight attendants house. Alyssa had her bag of tricks with her and went to work.
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